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Articles on Myofascial Release

John F. Barnes, PT has written numerous articles in national publications documenting the benefits of Myofascial Release. These articles will assist in understanding the concepts and principles of Myofascial Release and can be very beneficial in explaining Myofascial Release to friends, family members, and fellow healthcare professionals.

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John F. Barnes, P.T., is an international lecturer, author, and acknowledged expert in the area of Myofascial Release. He has instructed over 75,000 therapists worldwide in his Myofascial Release approach, and he is the author of Myofascial Release: the Search for Excellence (Rehabilitation Services, Inc., 1990) and Healing Ancient Wounds: the Renegade's Wisdom (Myofascial Release Treatment Centers & Seminars, 2000). He is on the counsel of Advisors of the American Back Society; he is also on Massage Magazine's Editorial Advisory Board; and is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association.

For more information about Myofascial Release, you can now access two separate excerpts from the Fireside Chat with John F. Barnes, PT DVD on ‘You Tube’! Just click on the following links:

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