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The Dynamo of Life ! 
I have been asked by the national publication, Massage Today magazine, to write regular articles on Myofascial Release.

My latest article will be published next month in the September/October issue of Massage Today.

Here are a couple excerpts from the article that you might find interesting:

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  • Traditional science has focused on the brain and neurological system as the seat of consciousness. Recent scientific discoveries, however, have found that consciousness is frequencies of light (photons) that travel through the fascial system at enormous speed.
  • Quantum Physics tells us that we blink in and out of existence every one trillionth of a second (Picosecond)! Quantum Physics is strange and also fascinating. Traditional therapy chose to look at classical Neutonian Physics while completely ignoring Quantum Physics.
  • The revered scientist, Dr. Mae-Wan Ho in her article Super-Conducting Liquid Crystalline Water Aligned with Collagen Fibres in the Fasciae… stated that water is ‘hardly recognized in the conventional biochemical community,” instead her years of research has shown that water is the dynamo of life!
  • She states that “the liquid crystalline nature of the fascial system extends without interruption throughout its extracellular matrix to the interior of every single cell.”
  • A phenomenon occurs called birefringence at the cellular level which is an optical reflection carrying photons depending upon the polarization and propagation of light. Birefringent crystals are liquid crystals creating electro polarization from head to toe.  So, we are basically two-thirds water, but it is not water as we think of it.
  • The liquid crystalline nature of structured water has both the characteristics of solid and fluid and is capable of change. H302 plays an important role for our function at the cellular level where it boosts the power of the electrons of mitochondria, the power house of our cells.

John F. Barnes, PT


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NEW ARTICLE by John F. Barnes, PT

Myofascial Release for Stress Reduction

by John F. Barnes, PT

President and CEO of the Myofascial Release Treatment Centers & Seminars

(Published in the Summer 2023 Issue of The American Institute of Stress - Contentment)


The old adage that time heals all wounds in my experience is not accurate. I have found from over 60 years’ experience as a Physical Therapist that time does not heal all wounds. It buries the trauma deeper and deeper into the fascial system of our body. This has to do with a phenomenon called tissue memory that’s not just in the brain and neurological system but actually lies in every cell.

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Fascia is a specialized system of the body that has an appearance similar to a spider's web or a sweater. Fascia is very densely woven, covering and interpenetrating every muscle, bone, nerve, artery and vein, as well as, all of our internal organs including the heart, lungs, brain and spinal cord. The most interesting aspect of the fascial system is that it is not just a system of separate coverings. It is actually one continuous structure that exists from head to toe without interruption. In this way you can begin to see that each part of the entire body is connected to every other part by the fascia, like the yarn in a sweater. Trauma, inflammatory responses, and/or surgical procedures create Myofascial restrictions that can produce tensile pressures of up to approximately 2,000 pounds per square inch on pain sensitive structures that do not show up in many of the standard tests (x-rays, myelograms, CAT scans, electromyography, etc.) A high percentage of people suffering with pain and/or lack of motion may be having fascial problems, but are not diagnosed.


Fascia plays an important role in the support and function of our bodies, since it surrounds and attaches to all structures. In the normal healthy state, the fascia is relaxed and wavy in configuration. It has the ability to stretch and move without restriction. When one experiences physical trauma, emotional trauma, scarring, or inflammation, however, the fascia loses its pliability. It becomes tight, restricted, and a source of tension to the rest of the body. Trauma, such as a fall, car accident, whiplash, surgery or just habitual poor posture and repetitive stress injuries has cumulative effects on the body. The changes trauma causes in the fascial system influences comfort and function of our body. Fascial restrictions can exert excessive pressure causing all kinds of symptoms producing pain, headaches or restriction of motion. Fascial restrictions affect our flexibility and stability, and are a determining factor in our ability to withstand stress and perform daily activities.


Myofascial restrictions that result from physical, emotional or surgical trauma can block the information needed for recovery from our conscious mind. Information is blocked from our conscious mind. Therefore, all forms of traditional therapy and massage focus on the symptomatic complex which is basically the tip of the iceberg. It turns out, from our experience, that fascial restrictions are one of the primary causes for most of the pain, emotional upheaval, and stress in people’s lives.


The fascial system connects to every aspect of our body without interruption and acts as a fiberoptic carrying enormous amounts of information in a very short period of time. All the research done on the fascial system has been done on cadavers. As you know, dead people are brittle and have no consciousness. This is the model of reality that most healthcare professionals learn.


I have had the opportunity of training over 100,000 physicians and therapists in my approach to myofascial release which I have been teaching for over 50 years. Myofascial Release’s main purpose is to reduce pain, restore motion and reduce stress. There is an increasing body of research and information about this phenomenon.


Fascia is tough tissue with an elastic and muscular component and a collagenous component and unfortunately, this information has not been available in our training as physicians and therapists. Fascial restrictions can generate enormous pressures in the body and brain and neurological system somewhere up to approximately 2000 pounds per square inch from physical or emotional trauma. The frustrating part is that fascial restrictions, which can begin early in life, can accumulate and do not show in any of the standard testing i.e. X-rays, CAT scans, MRI’s, myelograms, bloodwork, etc. So myofascial restrictions have gone undiagnosed and therefore are not properly treated in therapeutic interventions. Myofascial Release, because it uses gentle, sustained pressure never causes injury and can be highly effective in most people. Because of our success, a lot of copy-cat courses have popped up calling themselves Myofascial Release, but they teach what I call the old form of myofascial release which uses too much pressure and can actually produce trauma and stress within the body.


The principles that I have developed open up the elastic and muscular component but also the collagenous barrier which other forms of therapy do not address. Within the collagenous barriers lie memories and information that is essential for our physiological functioning and calmness of mind.


What I have found is that most forms of manual therapy are performed too quickly. Joint mobilization and manipulation, you are in and out of the system quite quickly. With massage you are rubbing over or trying to force through the restriction. This does not release the fascial system fully and unfortunately only gives temporary results.


Myofascial Release properly performed holds at the restricted area for a number of minutes and only around the five-minute period does a number of phenomena occur that contribute to authentic, lasting healing. These phenomena are the Piezoelectric Effect, followed by Mechanotransduction, coupled with Phase Transition and ultimately Resonance, which is another word for release.


Candace Pert, the renowned researcher, developed the Endorphin Theory many decades ago.

Her book, “The Molecules of Emotion” states, after decades of research, that she has found that every cell possesses memory, emotions and information. Her work focuses on the neuropeptide system which is the physical substrate of our emotions and essential information that passes thru the billions of microtubules of the fascial system at enormous speeds. This sensory information then interacts with the brain and nervous system and becomes conscious.


All forms of therapy have to do with our intellectual rational side which I have labeled “channel 5.” However, Myofascial Release, in a very safe, efficient, and highly effective way, moves us into what I call our channel 3 consciousness which is our intuitive, instinctual side, otherwise known as the healing zone. Unfortunately, we don’t heal in the channel 5 world from the Myofascial perspective. Another word for this is our “feeling intelligence” which is vast compared to our intellectual side. Another word for that is “wisdom”.


Our experience has shown that the body is capable of self-correction. So, the missing link in healthcare has been utilizing myofascial release to open up the collagenous barrier of the fascial system and as we do, the flight, fight, or freeze response that too many people have become trapped in, despite all the therapy they have had, creates horrendous stress in their system and pain. This finally is released and the body can return to its normal homeostatic state.


If you are interested in receiving Myofascial Release for yourself or for referring your clients or patients, go to our website www.myofascialrelease.com where there is a directory to find a Myofascial Release therapist near you.


Myofascial Release is truly the missing link in the reduction of pain, restoration of function and the reduction of stress coupled with your area of expertise. 


John F. Barnes, PT

President and CEO of the Myofascial Release Treatment Centers & Seminars

Website: www.myofascialrelease.com

Email: malvern@myofascialrelease.com

Phone: 1-800-FASCIAL





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John F. Barnes, PT, is an international lecturer, author and authority on Myofascial Release. In addition to operating and teaching through his International Myofascial Release Seminars, John is the President of the Myofascial Release Treatment Centers in Sedona, Arizona and Malvern, PA. To date, Myofascial Release Seminars has trained over 100,000 therapists and physicians in his highly successful Myofascial Release Approach. He has published and authored Myofascial Release the Search for Excellence and Healing Ancient Wounds, the Renegade's Wisdom.  

Read John F. Barnes' latest article published in the national publication of Massage Today. 

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Fascia Refresh: Our Evolving Understanding

By John F. Barnes, PT, LMT
July 12, 2023


Most, if not all, massage therapists have a deep love and respect for the profession. One of the greatest honors of being in the profession is witnessing not only how we’re able to help our clients but also how we’re able to help our profession grow and take more solid root in how we approach a wide variety of conditions, from chronic pain to anxiety to injury to mental health.

A good part of that growth is evidenced in research. More and more we’re seeing research solidly indicates what many of us have known for a long time: there are real benefits to our work.

The growth of the massage profession is also seen in the myriad ways we as therapists grow, like through continuing education and our own experience as we practice over the years. We are continually challenged to review and revise what we know and understand about the complex systems that combine to create the whole human body.

This is especially true of fascia.


Much of the beginning of our understanding of fascia comes from dissecting cadavers. Part of the problem with cadavers being the main source of all of our information is that they don’t mirror lived experience; in other words, our model of reality and how we work with living beings was founded in bodies that were no longer alive.

Put simply, the fascia is the immediate environment of every cell of our body—including a microfascial system within every cell. Try to picture the fascial system as a three-dimensional web made of a collagen matrix that extends all the way down to the molecular level.

The space within the fibers of the web is the fluid of our bodies; this fluid is called ground substance. Gerald Pollack’s research advanced the idea that there is a fourth phase of water—beyond the well-known water, ice and vapor—where water can at times demonstrate a tendency to behave in a crystalline manner. Pollack named this water “vicinal water.”

All the oxygen we breathe, all the nutrition we ingest, all the fluids that we drink must pass through the ground substance. Remember that hydration isn’t just the fluid going down your throat but also how hydration enters your cells, just as nutrition is not nutrition until it enters the cell.

Within the cell is the cytoskeleton, a dynamic network of protein filaments that lend structural support and is involved in myriad cellular processes. Microtubules, one of three components of the cytoskeleton, are hollow, tubular structures that can influence fluid dynamics within cells. The frequencies of light and internal milieu of the microtubules of the fascial system must be fluid to allow the photons to flow for consciousness to reach every aspect of our being.


As you go through trauma, that which should be fluid—the ground substance—begins to solidify and can disrupt the lymphatic system’s ability to filter waste products.

My own struggle with many traumas and trying to free myself of the pain that I incurred over the years is what deepened my understanding of the fascial system and how it functions.

I tried every other type of therapy available and nothing gave me more than temporary results. When we go through physical or emotional trauma, the ground substance of the fascial system begins to solidify into a crushing mass that can create pain, dysfunction, disease and restriction of motion, and this blocks the flow of consciousness into vital areas of our bodies.

If you are interested in more details about this, there are two wonderful books you may want to read. One is called “Shadows of the Mind: A Search for the Missing Science of Consciousness” by Dr. Roger Penrose, who is one of the leading consciousness researchers in the world, along with Dr. Stuart Hameroff. There is also a book by the physicist Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, called “The Rainbow and the Worm, The Physics of Organisms.”

You may also want to look into the work of Dr. Paul Standley, a Professor of Physiology at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. Some of his research suggests that the process of mechanotransduction—what happens during myofascial release when massage therapists use sustained pressure—produces interleukins. Interleukin 8 is one of the natural anti-inflammatories of our bodies, and may also help us to increase circulation and boost the immune system, all essential for the healing process.

As our understanding continues to grow and more firmly root the benefits offered by myofascial release, we must not lose our curiosity and commitment to advancing not only our own knowledge but also how our clients understand the work that we do together.

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Need Continuing Education Credits? 

Look no further. For over 40 years Myofascial Release Seminars has been providing the highest quality “hands-on” seminars attracting therapists of the highest caliber who are dedicated to learning and practicing the techniques that will lead their patients on the road to a pain-free lifestyle. All of the seminars offered focus on releasing the fascia, which is the fibrous connective tissue that spreads throughout the entire body in a three-dimensional web from head to toe without interruption.

The John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release Approach® has led the way to expanding the awareness and effectiveness of Myofascial Release and has made it one of the most sought after treatments.

- Expand and Energize Your Career
- Fulfill Your Obligatory Licensure Requirements
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How does the John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release Approach® Differ from Other MFR Classes?

Any successful venture will generate imitators. Be cautious since many of these courses only teach what is called the “old form” of Myofascial that is forceful, mechanical, very painful, producing only temporary results. Many of the theories of physical, occupational, massage therapy, and other courses that incorporate Myofascial Release training are based on information that has been obsolete for over 70 years. John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release® principles were developed from his personal experience with pain.

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The John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release Approach® is safe, gentle, and produces consistent results in reducing pain, headaches, fibromyalgia symptoms, and increases range of motion and function. We hope that you find the following comments from some of our trained therapists to be helpful in clarifying the uniqueness and importance of our Myofascial Release Approach for your professional development.

What Your Colleagues Are Saying…

I often verbalized frustration over not knowing what to do for pain, especially after being put in charge of a chronic pain program at the hospital I worked in back in 1992! John Barnes’ MFR I was the first MFR class I took, although not the first manual therapy course, as I studied many other approaches in attempt to learn techniques and “tools” to help my patients. I soon learned that John's classes were vastly different than others because I was producing amazing results.

John's way of teaching, while presenting the science behind the work, is unique in practically every aspect, even I recognized this from the beginning. The seminars are orchestrated to facilitate learning regardless of where you are in your hands-on training and palpatory skills. The pressures used with guidance, the postural assessments, feedback on technique received, time frame held, physics lesson reminders, listening skills presented, sensory information encouraged are so important to the end result. I have learned as much about what I need to learn to help facilitate change in my patients as I have about specifics, and this is long term knowledge.

No other approach I have encountered provides the results, and I have a successful, word of mouth, PT practice built on the principles I continue to learn from John's seminars (with gratitude.) Dianne, PT, RMT, Texas

I have studied with John since 1994, as others have said “thumbs of steel” is old school. John teaches a full spectrum approach that encompasses structural work to purely energetic. John teaches us we can only take our patients/clients as far as we are willing to go ourselves. John's students are able to apply the techniques immediately upon returning to their clinic. Peter, MSPT, New York.

John Barnes style MFR has completely changed the way I treat in my clinic. The seminars are like nothing you ever got in PT school. I have always had a strong interest in manual therapy, and took electives in school, but I rarely use any of that “knowledge” in treatments anymore. I am busier than ever, and in the middle of the most severe economic down turn this country has seen in a generation.

Are the seminars worth it? You bet! Every penny, and then some. The best part is that repeats are half price. Why would I need to repeat any seminar? Because there is so much in every seminar and I was so busy trying to absorb and process as much as I could, that I missed things, or misremembered, or just needed a brush up. And, you get three days (or more) of treatment! I do realize that I am extremely biased on this topic, as I have taken almost every seminar JFB offers, some several times. As John likes to say in MFR 1, don't believe a thing I have said until you experience it for yourself. Get treated, take a seminar, jump in with both feet and find out what we are all talking about; you won't regret it! J. Christopher, PT, DPT, Pennsylvania

I'm an Occupational Therapist and would like to encourage any OT's out there reading this to take John's courses. I practiced for over 30 years before beginning my MFR journey, and have since completed nearly all courses and repeated some. I have left all my old OT techniques behind and now do only John's version of MFR with incredible results. The best part is that their healing has been at a much faster pace and with little or no pain. I've seen their lives become richer as they heal emotionally and spiritually, as well as physically because of John's holistic approach. An example of how truly remarkable this work is, is that a traditional PT sent me, an OT, her knee patient because I could get more range and function from that leg than she could! I have paid for all courses out of my own pocket, and think it would have been a bargain at twice the price. There are no words to describe how MFR performed using John's methods changes your patients' and your life, and ripples out to all those in your life's circle. MFR saved my knee which would have been replaced, removed many physical pains and restrictions, and has allowed me, at 67, to live a non-stop, active life filled with energy, joy and love. I don't know of another manual therapy approach that can make such claims. Marilyn, OT, Illinois

I was the “queen of deep tissue massage”. Steel thumbs, knuckles, elbows. It was so hard on me, and on my clients. Yet, this old form of Myofascial work, which is really soft tissue mobilization, cannot compare with JFB MFR. This is true, long lasting “release” of the tissue, body, self. And as mentioned, often so gentle, patient sustained holding, following the tissue as it begins to soften and stretch. Not forcing. Whole body perspective, as everything is connected. As you've seen, MFR is a generic term, and often is just another way to say soft tissue mobilization. JFB MFR engages with the core of fascia, and catalyzes change in the collagenous layer and ground substance. Real change. Experience the difference yourself - get treated by an experienced Barnes’ Myofascial Release® therapist! That's the best way to begin feeling the difference. Eileen RN, MRT, CMT, Indiana

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The Importance of Myofascial Release Training

Myofascial release (MFR) is a therapeutic technique that focuses on releasing tension and restrictions in the fascia, the connective tissue enveloping muscles and organs. Its popularity in the realm of physical therapy continues to grow, owing to its ability to alleviate pain, enhance mobility, and promote overall well-being. As demand for MFR therapy rises, the need for well-trained professionals becomes increasingly vital.

Why should you invest in myofascial release training, and why should you choose MFR Treatment Centers and Seminars for your educational journey? Let's delve into these questions.


A Comprehensive Curriculum for Myofascial Release Trainings

MFR Treatment Centers and Seminars takes pride in offering a comprehensive and immersive curriculum for myofascial release trainings. Our programs are thoughtfully designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and expertise needed to excel in the field of MFR therapy. Our courses cover:


Foundations of Myofascial Release: Whether you're new to MFR therapy or looking to deepen your existing knowledge, our introductory courses provide a strong foundation. You'll explore the intricacies of fascia anatomy, assessment techniques, and the core principles of MFR treatment.


Advanced MFR Techniques: For experienced practitioners aiming to elevate their skills, our advanced courses dive into intricate MFR techniques. These sessions target specific body areas, such as the neck, pelvis, or extremities, enabling you to confidently address complex cases.


Hands-On Learning: We firmly believe in the power of experiential learning. Our myofascial release trainings prioritize hands-on practice under the guidance of seasoned instructors. You'll have the opportunity to work with real patients, gaining valuable clinical experience.


Achieve Your Professional Goals with MFR Treatment Centers and Seminars

Your journey to becoming a proficient myofascial release therapist begins with the right training, and MFR Treatment Centers and Seminars is dedicated to guiding you every step of the way. By selecting us as your training partner, you unlock a world of opportunities in the field of physical therapy.

  • Elevate Your Career: Whether you're an experienced therapist or a novice, our myofascial release trainings can propel your career forward. Certified MFR therapists are in high demand, and our rigorous programs ensure you're well-prepared for success.
  • Empower Your Patients: MFR therapy can be life-changing. With our training, you'll gain the knowledge and skills to help your patients find relief from pain, regain mobility, and enhance their quality of life.
  • Join a Supportive Community: At MFR Treatment Centers and Seminars, we believe in the strength of community. When you train with us, you become part of a network of like-minded professionals passionate about myofascial release. We offer continuous support and opportunities for collaboration.

Contact Us Today!

Investing in myofascial release trainings is a pivotal step toward becoming a proficient therapist and meeting the increasing demand for this valuable therapy. At MFR Treatment Centers and Seminars, we are committed to providing you with top-tier education, hands-on experience, and the support you need to excel in the field of myofascial release therapy.

Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your skills, empower your patients, and advance your career. Join us on this exhilarating journey of exploration and transformation. Reach out to us today to learn more about our myofascial release trainings and initiate your path toward becoming an expert in MFR therapy. Your future as a skilled myofascial release therapist awaits!


Contact us today to get started!


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A Message from John F. Barnes, PT

Welcome to my website. So many positive things have occurred over the last year and I am so grateful that you are all a part of this encouraging and important time of growth in healthcare.

Therapists that have been trained in the John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release Approach® consistently and effectively achieve impressive, long lasting results. Patients who are searching for relief for themselves or their loved ones can return to a pain free, active lifestyle!

“Therapy on the Rocks” in Sedona, AZ and my new facility The “Sanctuary” in Malvern, PA (Suburban Philadelphia) are easily accessible and are located in scenic, tranquil settings promoting optimum healing and outstanding results.


  • Articles and text can be found on this site explaining to you the fundamental theory behind Myofascial Release.
  • Read success stories from patients who have achieved relief from their traumas.
  • Join MFR-Insight, our free discussion group. Gain insights and knowledge from therapists across the country utilizing Myofascial Release in their practices every day.
  • Find a Therapist – Numerous result-oriented Myofascial Release therapists throughout the US and Canada can also be found on this site. “Never Give Up!” Experience Myofascial Release first-hand from a highly skilled John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release® therapist and get the results that you deserve.
  • Seminar Directory – Listing of all classes for both the healthcare provider and patient. Our Myofascial Release Seminars continue to be the most sought after courses in the healthcare field. Why?…first-rate, quality seminars for the past 50 years, taught by outstanding teachers. Ultimately, the common sense theory behind Myofascial Release, the highly effective hands-on techniques, and most importantly the results achieved have enabled us to train over 100,000 therapists worldwide.

I wish you much success and health.


John F. Barnes, PT