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MFR Insight is our Facebook group that enables therapists and patients to network and share ideas with other Myofascial Release enthusiasts. Practitioners and patients put forth ideas, questions, and general information about Myofascial Release.

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Karen P.
November 7, 2020

Hello -
I heard there is a book out there written by an MFR therapist that shows ways to grow your MFR business. Can anyone tell me more? Thanks.
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Aaron LeBauer
I attended my first Myofascial Release course with John back in 2000, I remember clearly how I felt when he walked into the room and it change the trajectory of my career forever. After a few years of courses, I asked how I could become an assistant instructor so I could deepen my learning. It was this experience helping teach MFR that I found my limits of my knowledge and after 6 years as a massage therapist, I decided to head back to school to get my DPT.

This was the most amazing blessing anyone could ever have as I am now exactly where I want to be, helping even more people than I ever thought possible or could reach on my own.

So in 2016, after a few years of coaching other MFR therapists and PT's in business and how to launch a cash practice, when I had the opportunity to sit down with John during a vacation seminar in Myrtle Beach, I jumped at the chance to record an episode for my podcast. In it we talk about John's journey with MFR and growing his business. John was the #1 inspiration and supporter of me opening my own 100% cash practice right after I graduated and I wouldn't have been able to be nearly as successful if it wasn't for his support and the network of amazing therapists

In the book, I share my story of how I got started (I saw 43 patients in 1 day as a DPT student!!!) and I share the exact marketing strategies I've used and taught for the last 7 years so patients are willing to pay $150-250/hr a. You'll also learn how I scaled my 100% cash practice so I could go to a seminar without losing income, even when everyone told me it wouldn't work, was a bad idea and no one would pay more than their "co-pay “for PT.

What "they" didn't know and understand is that people will pay for high quality touch and compassionate listening (i.e.: MFR and everything John teaches) and YES, this is basically how I ran my massage practice and turned it into a PT business, so massage therapists will absolutely get tons of info from the book!


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