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December 4, 2018

Man Up!

The Fascial Pelvis course this weekend was filled with extraordinary therapists. As we said, this was the largest Fascial Pelvis course we have ever given and it was also the most emotional one ever. As you know, this is our mechanical structural course.😊

There were a number of very emotional moments, and at one point one of the therapists who had been triggered by treatment stood up and expressed the deep sorrow at the loss of her son. I decided to dialogue with her and I turned it into a group experience. We put the lights down and I asked everyone to quiet down, soften and open their hearts and to visualize somebody they loved and lost. I went through the importance of cutting the cord to the person and letting them know they can be free. You will always be in each other’s hearts!

A number of people in the room began to sob. I felt the energy in the room shift and we all began to resonate with each other. Then all of a sudden a deep, deep pain inside of me exploded and I heard myself say ‘I lost my son, Brian.’ I started to cry; my microphone was on so everyone heard it and began to sob as well. It was a deep, cathartic moment for all of us.

We had a discussion afterwards about how I have a great respect for women and their ability to feel and express emotion. I also have a deep respect for the men who attend these courses because I know how hard it is for them initially. Because as men, we are programmed to be so tough and we become brittle and we break and our hearts break. (heart attacks!) I encourage the men to continue to soften and be their true self. Instead of ‘manning up’, just know that you have to feel to be a true man. For all of us, as we access the courage to be vulnerable, we find our strength. Many people came up to me afterwards thanking me and expressing how that had touched them and I want you all to know that you have touched me and I thank you.

I miss you, Brian!
Love, John

Monika Thank you so much John! You’re such a true and profound inspiration for so many!! Sending you love and gratitude every single day. ❤️

Dawnne N. I love you John F Barnes! You are a real man and one I admire greatly. Thank you for sharing with those of us who were not physically there. I am so touched by this as I was with you @SES, just 2 weeks after Brian left this planet, you were back at work, I do NOT know how. Professional but in a most tender place. I am grateful to have been with you then.

You are a man with true heart, courage, generosity, compassion and a most loving energy fills your essence. I am blessed to know you and call you my mentor and friend.

Sending you and all of us who have lost a son lots of love. We will see them again! 💜💜💜

Christopher A. Thank you, John. As a man, I resonate with this post so very much. Being at the first seminar after he passed, I was holding space for you, as I’m sure many of us were. It was a sacred time for me. I was beginning the most important learning experience of my life and meeting the man who would become a very important mentor for me. I was emotional, and since then have cried many tears. Softening into our own beings is sometimes quite difficult, and as a man, it feels all the deeper when it happens. Thank you, John for sharing this post and so deeply of yourself these years. I am honored to know you and call you a mentor, teacher and friend. I will continue my growth as a person and a therapist throughout this journey called life at a much deeper level because of you. Love you John.

Coral S. I so needed to read and FEEL this today, Thank you for sharing it John, Thank you for your loving kindness and thank you for the tears that are flowing freely for me right now.

Kate F. John thank you for sharing this with all of the MFR community, your guidance and example, presence and vulnerability. I so appreciate you. Thank you for touching my heart today.

Jennifer P. Thank you for sharing this experience. Once again you give permission to feel not just as patients but as the therapist treating. To be open and fluid with our hearts and our Light. To be treated as we treat because being in that place of vulnerability and rawness is when, as you show us true healing occurs. Thank you John, all my Love.

Linda E.. Thank you John F Barnes for being vulnerable and for showing all of us how to be in our true power.

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