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Although this article focuses on the effectiveness of Myofascial Release in neurological diagnoses and seizures, the lessons within demonstrate how Myofascial Release will enhance everything you do because of its whole body perspective and uniquely effective principles.

Myofascial Release for Neurological and Seizure Diagnoses Testimonial

December 12, 2018- Posted to MFR Insight MFR’s Facebook by Isabella’s Aunt

There is no way to express the absolute and complete gratitude I feel for ALL you have done for my niece and in turn for our entire family!

John and his amazing staff of therapists have not only given us hope but empowered our family.
When Isabella’s seizures began over 5 years ago (Isabella was only 4) we were devastated, confused, and desperate for her to be treated and after so many different treatments, diets, therapies, doctors, supplements, etc etc etc there have been only minor improvements and nothing lasted long.

With your gentle approach, knowledge, and experience, I (and I know Isabella’s entire family) feel she is FINALLY on the road to full recovery. I know this is a bold statement but I have seen such incredible improvement already and everything explained makes perfect sense!!!
We were told by a very close family friend (Occupational Therapist) who has taken classes with John to try this therapy. She believed at best Isabella could potentially recover from the catastrophic epilepsy with MFR, but at the very least be given a better quality of life. I was cautiously optimistic until her first day of treatment. Now I am more positive and optimistic than I’ve been in over 5 years. So many positive gains have been seen immediately! I know it will take time and diligence moving forward, but I believe there are much brighter days ahead and full healing and recovery in Isabella’s future... Thank you and God bless each and every one of you!!!

December 20, 2018
Isabella’s Mother Expresses her Gratitude

My best birthday ever!

Last week was Isabella’s 10th birthday and she excitedly said to John, the other therapists who were treating her and her family that “This is my best birthday ever!”

Valerie McGraw, PT was talking to her mother and with her permission we are updating you on her impressive recovery.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Isabella, here is some information from our last post:

Up until the week before coming to the Sanctuary in Malvern, Isabella was having hundreds of seizures per day for 5 years causing her to fall and injure her head and body repeatedly. From the first day of Myofascial Release treatment, there was a remarkable improvement in her.

Isabella’s aunt said “When Isabella’s seizures began over 5 years ago (Isabella was only 4) we were devastated, confused, and desperate for her to be treated and after so many different treatments, diets, therapies, doctors, supplements, etc etc etc there have been only minor improvements and nothing lasted long.”

Isabella’s mother explained that “for 5 years her grand mal seizures would cause her whole body to stiffen and make a sound as if she was being hit in the stomach, she would then convulse for a couple minutes, her eyes would roll back, her jaw would clench, and her breathing would be labored for minutes or hours afterwards and crying inconsolably for hours.

Since she started Myofascial Release with us a few weeks ago, and her mother stated that she has only had a couple of small short seizures, which were totally different than the ones she was previously having. The convulsions are very brief and mild; more like a shudder now. The grand mal seizures had never been like this before! We have been noticing behavioral changes as well.”

Her mother stated that it seems that at the age of 4 when the seizures started, all development had stopped. Since they’ve been home, she’s noticing things she didn’t notice before. Isabella is beginning to act more her age and perceive things differently; more clearly. (John thinks this was a freeze response from all of the trauma from the seizures which stopped her development) John and the other therapists who have treated her at the Sanctuary in Malvern also noticed the light and clarity coming back in her eyes. John could feel a shift in her essence beginning to emerge again from a very traumatized, scared little girl.

We were all impressed by Isabella’s loving mother and she has an incredibly supportive family. Can you imagine watching your little child suffer like that for 5 years and how exhausting it must be for them? Her mother is looking for a highly skilled Myofascial Release therapist near home to help continue treatment.

Isabella’s nightmare is over!

Our goal is to eliminate all seizures and help her develop into the very healthy, joyful little girl that she should be. We’ll keep you updated as time goes on.

January 16, 2019

Someone asked what we did for Isabella. I checked with John, and just to be clear, he said we do not just treat symptoms or diagnoses. The fascial view of diagnoses is that they are a myopic description of symptoms. All healthcare training has basically only focused on symptoms, which is only the tip of the iceberg of the total problem.

John found an enormous amount of trapped chaotic energy in Isabella’s sacrum leading up through the dural system and into her brain. Remember the fascial view of seizures is that the fascial system and its energy have become restricted and/or chaotic creating abnormal electrical discharge and the result or symptoms are seizures.

Fortunately, she’s doing great!

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