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Quantum Leap! Seminar

Prerequisites:  Myofascial Release I
Myofascial Unwinding
Myofascial Release II
Myofascial Rebounding

A Wisdom Quest

“Quantum Leap!” is a new, exciting and important seminar designed by John F. Barnes, PT for the Intermediate to Advanced Myofascial Release therapist. You will deepen and broaden your technical skills and proprioceptive abilities. Focusing on “centering” oneself in order to go into greater depth to enhance and “quicken” your on-going quest for Mastery.

In the Quantum Leap! seminar you will view an important, new DVD that vividly demonstrates 20 years of research on the fascial system. Incredible micro-videography reveals tensegrity, piezioelectricity, mechanotranduction in action. The DVD allows you to see what you have been feeling with your hands!

You will learn in “Quantum Leap!”:

  • Advanced Myofascial Release techniques
  • Advanced Fascial Cranial Techniques
  • Exaggeration of the Lesion Procedures
  • Compression Unwinding
  • Oscillation and Rebounding Techniques
  • Enhanced Proprioceptive Awareness Training
  • Facilitation Techniques
  • Myofascial and Pandiculation Techniques
  • New Myofascial “Crunch” Techniques
  • Multiple Person Unwinding Treatment

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Quantum Leap is taught by the following instructors.

Student / Faculty Ratio:  15:1
Tuition:  $750 per person or $695 per person if registered 2 weeks prior to seminar date.

Locations & Dates:

No seminars are scheduled at this time.