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Subtle Energy: Level I

Expand Your Sensitivity and Awareness and Deepen Your Healing Skills.


The Subtle Energy Therapy Seminar is offered once a year prior to Myofascial Release III. All are welcome. It is offered prior to Myofascial Release III to provide those of you who are taking MFR III with methods and experiences which will exponentially deepen and enhance your skill level and prepare you for an even more profound experience in MFR III.

In this seminar you will be introduced to the system of Therapeutic Touch as the foundation for our energetic healing approach. You will expand your sensitivity and awareness by learning and using the method and be exploring new levels of stillness, listening, awareness, focus and intentionality, energetic perception, interconnection and intuitive knowing as they relate to our own healing and to the healing of others. You will also be focused on deepening your energetic skills, exploring the interrelationships and interactions of Therapeutic Touch and Myofascial Release, and using these energetic skills in the practice of Myofascial Release.

Student / Faculty Ratio:  15:1
Tuition:  $450 per person or $395 per person if registered 2 weeks prior to seminar date.

Locations & Dates:

Vacation Series
Sedona, Arizona
October 15, 16, 2023
Site: Poco Diablo Resort - Sedona
Accommodations: Poco Diablo Resort - Sedona
Phone: 928-282-7333
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