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Myofascial Release CD's

Inner Awareness - CD

by John F. Barnes, PT

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Provides the reasons why slowing one's breathing diaphragmatically is important for developing the relaxation necessary to break the “flight or fight alarm response” to facilitate improvement. It then provides clear and concise instruction on how to develop these skills through the patients own experience.


Glowing further deepens the relaxation response and teaches the patient how to relax the skeletal and smooth musculature. Once the patient has mastered diaphragmatic breathing they would move on to Glowing.

Inner Journey

Inner Journey will teach you the fundamental techniques utilized for dialoguing and effectively communicating with your patients. This can also be used to acquaint your patients with the concept of allowing emotions to surface and examining belief systems that may be impeding their progress.

Right Hemisphere Music

Right Hemisphere Music is designed to be listened to at home or during treatment and allows the patient to shut down the constant inner dialogue that creates tension in most of us.

Price: $35.00