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Local Myofascial Release Treatment Program is provided for patients who live in the Philadelphia metropolitan and surrounding areas. This program offers Myofascial Release treatment approximately two times per week following a thorough full body initial evaluation to locate the cause of your problem. Also included is our Myofascial Freedom home self-treatment program designed to teach you effective ways to treat yourself at home using simple equipment such as a small ball, foam cylinder, or wooden roller. A re-evaluation is performed at six or eight weeks (12-16 sessions) to measure your progress and assess future treatment needs. This program is designed to help our patients return to a pain free, active lifestyle.

Walk-In Appointments are available for those who wish to experience Myofascial Release for the first time or do not have significant problems to warrant a full program. Also, individuals who have “graduated” from our program sometimes opt to schedule a follow-up session or two on occasion to keep their bodies moving freely and feeling good. These sessions are offered daily as an opportunity to re-energize, soothe pain and experience Myofascial Release. Moist heat treatments and a unique Inner Awareness Relaxation period can be added to your session at no additional charge. Self-Treatment instruction can be incorporated into myofascial release sessions as needed. Scheduling an appointment is not required but is recommended so that you can reserve the time on our schedule that best fits your needs. You can also experience our soothing whirlpool and sauna.

Therapeutic Massage is provided by our staff of massage therapists as an adjunct to our full program or as an individual session. Our therapists provide Swedish massage, the most commonly known type of massage that incorporates the use of effleurage, petrissage, kneading and other strokes to relax the muscles, increase blood circulation, and ease pain and tension along with other health benefits. Massage oils are applied to the skin to facilitate the treatment and reduce friction. Deep tissue massage is also available upon request.